Monday, December 27, 2010

Airplanes Are Nasty People!

Airplanes are nasty people! When you think about the average flight carrying some 150+ people its easy to see how germs and sickness are easily spread. But let's look closely at some of the nasty, vile and just plain disgusting things people do on and to airplanes.

Blowing your nose and coughing!
Look we're all human and blowing your nose and coughing is an involuntary human reaction. But you nasty people need to learn that there's people in these tight quarters with your sneezy butt! If you sneeze or cough use the fold of your arm. At the very least use your left hand!

This is just nasty to the highest of nastivity! People if I see you lay your snack on the tray and then pop in your mouth I'm going slap the pissant out of you! Did you not hear me say that some 150+ come through an airplane at a time and with the average plane flying to 2-4 locations per day you're setting yourself up for some serious viruses. That's like you going to a restaurant and telling them to just throw your steak on the table!

Seat backs!
Reach in there if you'd like and you'll be setting west nile, SARS and Swine Flu in motion. Just think of what they have in there. A safety manual, a couple magazines where they try to get you to buy and a barf bad! Its been said that reaching in to a seat back is the equivalent of grabbing someone's snotty tissues?

Onboard Lavatory
That's a putting it nice. Venture in to the "Onboard Lavatory," and I have four words for you: Death Comes To You!

Flight Attendants
Flight Attendants may look the part, but there's always that element of hey...this person travels from city to city, I wonder what their doing when they're gone? If you're inclined to fly the friendly pants of a Flight Attendant strap up and pray the prayer of healing cuz you don't know what you've just exposed yourself to? Happy flying y'all!
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