Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yoji "King of" Pop!

Yoji Pop Asano, is an instant celebrity for doing something 99.999% of the world does? Singing poorly! I love the early stages of American Idol where the Yoji's of the world compete wholeheartedly for that "Willy Wonkaish" Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Yoji, is without a doubt a superstar in the making and we'll track and blog of his successes here! For now, all you followers of Yoji and Slamtees are in for a treat. We created the first official T-shirt commemorating Yoji's great status in American History...the very unique and original Yoji "King Of" Pop T-shirt for only $12! (Shipping included).

Check back often and make sure you share this link Slamtees with your friends and share the original Yoji Pop Facebook page with your friends Yoji Pop Asano (American Idol) we’ll see you soon!

Now if Yoji would only sing "Pop That Coochie," man wouldn't that be awesome?